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SPF X Alice RL

SPF X brings Sound, Phrase & Fury together with local illustrators.

The aim is to bring readers limited edition merchandise that celebrates our mantra, “Get Lost In Sound" through the eyes and styles of new artists.

For the project’s inaugural year, SPF X has partnered with Alice RL, a non-binary, Ojibwe artist whose work draws inspiration from their experiences and cultural teachings and melds it with a signature palette of bright, playful hues. Their artwork creates stunning juxtapositions of human brutality and emotion with hope and whimsy.

Alice’s projects include game and comic book art, digital and traditional illustration, and graphic design aimed at presenting beautiful and emotional stories that are LGBT2SQ+ inclusive.

SPF X continues our aim to create platforms for artists — from the musicians we cover to the writers we work with. Thus, a portion of every SPF X Alice RL shirt sale goes to the illustrator.

Our hope is to give SPF supporters a glorious piece of wearable art while connecting local artists with new audiences.

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