• Image of Stick To Your Guns Tee

There are things in life that you want, things in life you want to achieve, and a kind of person you aspire to be. Almost every person has that one big dream, yet sadly most people run from it, for fear of the unknown, of failure, disapproval, and fear of all of the risks.

Inspired by my personal accounts and by the musicians I've had the pleasure of working with, this is an ode to never backing down, never letting go. You know what you what, and you've known all along. So

Stick to what you know.
Stick to what you love.
Stick to what you know you love with every ounce of your existence.
Stick to your guns because in this fight they call life, they're all you've got.



*Disclaimer: This is not to advertise or support child soldiers, child violence or any violence for that matter. This is meant to be a metaphor, so please don't go getting all angry/protesty.